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Information for researcher

The VetBioBank aims to achieve a comprehensive collection of high quality animal tumor tissues and reference tissues of a wide range of species.
As the quality of biospecimens is of fundamental importance for the reliability of research results, we make great efforts to standardize the whole sample management
process, starting with the sample pick up (documentation of transport time & temperature), the sample preparation (written standard procedures are in place) and ending with the long term storage (continuous temperature monitoring) of the samples in accordance to relevant guidelines:

  • CEN/TS16826: Specifications for preexamination process for frozen tissue - RNA, extracted proteins
  • CEN/TS16827: Specifications for preexamination process for FFPE tissue - RNA, extracted proteins, DNA

This enables us to provide samples along with quality relevant data, e.g. data describing the entire preanalytical process, like the warm ischemia time and the cold ischemia time, which are considered to change the molecular composition of your analyte.

Offered sample types

  • FFPE (Formalin Fixed, Paraffin Embedded), stored at room temperature
  • Cryo-samples: with cryoprotectant O.C.T., with RNAlater, pure, stored in gas phase of liquid nitrogen



  • paraffin sectioning
  • frozen tissue sectioning
  • histochemical and immunohistochemical stainings
  • digitalization of slides
  • provision of tissue arrays
  • project consulting