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Evident Slidescanner Slideview VS200 (Olympus)

GA06G49, VetCore microscopy room I

Stefan Kummer

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The slidescanner VS200 is designed for high throughput and is able to digitize up to 90 object slides in one session. It offers bright field, fluorescence, phase contrast, dark field and polarisation imaging. Image acquisition is possible from fast overview scans with a 2x objective up to detailed scans with a 60x oil-objective with automated oil dispenser.

2x Achromat
4x Universal Planfluorit NA 0,13
20x Universal Planfluorit NA 0,50 Phasenkontrast
20x XApochromat NA 0,80
40x XApochromat NA 0,95
50x MPlan Achromat NA 0,75 (not permanently mounted, to be used without coverslip)
60x XApochromat NA 1,42 Ölobjektiv (with automated oil dispenser)

Lights source:
Excelitas X-Cite Novem

Fluorescence filters:
Ex 352-404 nm | Em 416-452 nm | Semrock 432/36 DAPI
Ex 460-488 nm | Em 500-530 nm | Semrock 515/30 FITC
Ex 542-566 nm | Em 579-611 nm | Semrock 595/31 Cy3
Ex 626-644 nm | Em 665-705 nm | Semrock 685/40 Cy5
Ex 725-749 nm | Em 767-849 nm | Semrock 809/81 Cy7

Hamamatsu Orca Fusion

The slidescanner VS200 is accessible to authorized persons only. Instrument training is provided upon request and is provided by core facility personnel.

General conditions of slidescanner usage:

  • For operation, it is mandatory to book the slidescanner VS200 in the booking calendar.
  • Object slides that are not coverslipped must be scanned with the 50x objective.
  • The instrument can be operated only by a single user at a time.
  • After the experiment, all slides must be removed from the instrument. If used, oil objectives have to be cleaned with lens paper.
  • Users must remove their data from the slidescanner storage within 3 months after the imaging experiment.

Lab rules:

  • Access to the microscopy lab is possible with a keycard, which is granted after completed training on one of the microscopes.
  • General S1 lab rules apply.

Further details on laboratory rules and instrument usage will be provided in the training sessions.

The software OlyVIA for viewing and converting slide scanning images can be downloaded from the manufacturer's homepage.