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Nikon Eclipse Ti2-E/Yokogawa CSU-W1 Spinning Disk

Inverted confocal spinning-disk microscope dedicated to live cell imaging and applications that require high-speed multidimensional imaging.


Widefield Illumination

TI2-D-LHLED High-power LED
Lumencor SPECTRA III light engine

Laser Lines

405/488/561/638nm (120/100/100/100mW)


Photometrics Prime BSI (two cameras)
Nikon DS-Qi2


CFI Plan Apo. λ 10X/ 0.45/ 4.00
CFI Plan Apo. λ 20X/ 0.75/ 1.00
CFI Plan Apo. λ 40X/ 0.95/ 0.25-0.16
CFI Plan Apo. λ Oil 60X/ 1.40/ 0.13
CFI P-Apochromat VC 60x WI /1.20/0.31-0.28

CFI Plan Apo. 10XC Glyc/ 0.50/ 2.00
CFI Plan Apo. λ S 25XC Sil/ 1.05/ 0.55
CFI Plan Apo. λ S 40XC Sil/ 1.25/ 0.30

CFI Apo. LWD λ S 20XC WI/ 0.95/ 0.95


Nikon DS-Qi2:
LED-DA/FI/TR/Cy5/Cy7-5X-A Filter Cube 32
LED-CFP/YFP/mCherry-3X-A Filter Cube 32

Photometrics Prime BSI:
447/60 BrightLine single-band BP (DAPI)
525/50 BrightLine single-band BP (FITC)
600/52 BrightLine single-band BP (TRITC)
708/75 BrightLine single-band BP (Cy5)

Spinning disk unit

Yokogawa CSU-W1
Double disk (25 µm, 50 µm pinhole)
Motorized widefield bypass

Piezo z-drive

Mad City Labs Nanopositioner
Range of motion: 500 µm
Resolution: 1.0 nm

Live cell imaging

Okolab Cage Incubator
TI2-N-WID Water Immersion Dispenser