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The SCANCO µCT35 is a fully-shielded desktop microCT system that allows for high-resolution scanning of ex vivo samples ranging from 5-37 mm in diameter. It is equipped with a sample carousel that loads up to 8 samples at a time. Aluminium or Copper filters can optionally be used to scan very x-ray dense samples. The system is fully calibrated regarding geometry and density allowing for accurate measurements.

X-ray tube

Hamamatsu L 11272

Detector Size

2048  x 256 px


0.5mm Aluminium
0.2mm Copper

Voxel resolutions

at available field of views

3.5 µm @ 7.2 mm FOV
6 µm @ 12,3 mm FOV
10 µm @ 20.5 mm FOV
15 µm @ 30.7 mm FOV
18.5 µm @ 37.9 mm FOV

Further information: BMBWF Forschungsinfrastruktur