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Vetmeduni Vienna Graduate School of Animal Reproduction

Animal Reproduction is a key discipline of veterinary medicine. Furthermore, it is closely interlinked with animal science, wildlife conservation, laboratory animals and with assisted reproduction in human medicine. At Vetmeduni Vienna, animal reproduction is both a strong research field and an active element within the University Animal Hospital.

In the Vetmeduni Graduate School of Animal Reproduction young scientists perform cutting-edge research on physiology, pathology and biotechnology of reproduction and - under careful supervison by experienced faculty - develop their skills as independent researchers. Research does usually result also in a doctoral degree, either PhD or Doctorate in Veterinary Science (Dr.med.vet.) but researchers at the Postdoc level are also welcome.

The Graduate School of Animal Reproduction is based on collaborations between renowned research groups at Vetmeduni Vienna. It intensifies networking among Vetmeduni researchers and international partners and strengthens the position of Vetmeduni Vienna as a scientific centre of excellence in clinical reproduction medicine of large and small domestic animals and species-comparative research.

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