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Candidates interested to join the Graduate School of Animal Reproduction should contact the Faculty member they have chosen as their potential supervisor. Acceptance by the supervisor is a prerequisite for admission as a graduate student at Vetmeduni Vienna.

Doctoral candidates can follow one of two programmes

- The PhD (Doctor of Philosophy or philosophiae doctor)

- The Doctor of Veterinary Science ( or doctor medicinae veterinariae)

Both doctorates are recognised as equal third level academic degrees in Austria. The programmes do not differ with regard to scientific and publication requirements but the PhD requires more formal course work while the can include also a certain amount of structured clinical training.

Candidates for the PhD must have obtained a second level university degree such as Master of Science, Master of Agricultural Science, Veterinarian (or, Tierarzt, DVM) or equivalent degree

Candidates for the Doctor of Veterinary Science ( must have obtained a veterinary degree that qualifies them to practice veterinary medicine in the countries of the European Union or a veterinary degree considered equivalent to a European Union veterinary degree by Vetmeduni Vienna. The legally cannot be conferred to non-veterinarians.  

The detailed requirements for admission to both doctoral courses (the PhD and the,) can be found on the homepage of Vetmeduni Vienna Student administration and the Graduate Studies Curriculum Committee.