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Dear Colleagues!

It is a great pleasure for us to announce the 4th “International Symposium on Parasite Infections in Poultry”, a continuation of successful meetings we organized in Vienna in 2007, 2012 and 2016.

Progress in science and transfer of knowledge towards practical application relies heavily on exchange of information between people working and interested in the same research areas. The intention of this symposium is provide a focus for colleagues wanting to look at, and engage with, the bigger scientific pictures. This has been the main motivation for us in organizing the next meeting in 2019.

Changes in legislation and husbandry continue to have a high impact on the incidence and severity of parasite infections in poultry. Eimeria species, Histomonas meleagridis, Dermanyssus gallinae and nematodes provide an obvious focus of attention. In addition, other less well known parasites will also be considered by our symposium.

The overall purpose of the symposium is to provide a timely focus on the biology, diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis of parasite infections in poultry during a time of great scientific and technical innovation.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Vienna on 28th – 29th of June 2019.