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01.03.2023: Nasrin Ramezanigardaloud, DVM: : "Early detection of respiratory disease in calves by using ear attached accelerometers" , Hörsaal M

01.02.2023: Stelli Stancheva, MSc.: "Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae adaptation and persistence  mechanisms", Hörsaal D

07.12.2022: Masoumeh Alinaghihossein, PhD : "Bioprocess data analysis", Hörsaal M

09.11.2022: Magdalena Trojanska, MSc.: "Bacterial mercury resistance", Hörsaal M

12.10.2022: Prof. Jörg Jores, Inst. f. Veterinärbakteriologie, Vetsuisse-Fakultät Universität Bern, Schweiz: "A yeast-based synthetic genomics platform to reconstruct and edit mycoplasmal and viral genomes", Hörsaal M

24.08.2022: Dr. Alicia Nevers: "Role of megaplasmids in pathogen emergence: Transcriptional impact of pCER270 megaplasmid transfer on various Bacillus cereus group hosts", Hörsaal M

06.07.2022: Dr. Markus Kranzler: "Role of megaplasmids in pathogen emergence: the case of Bacillus cereus emetic strains",Hörsaal M

21.06.2022: Prof.Dr. Terri Koehler, Chair, Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, McGovern Medical School, UTH Houston, USA: “Virulence of the anthrax pathogen – What does bacterial physiology have to do with it? ”, Hörsaal M.

04.05.2022: Dr. Orla Keane, Animal & Bioscience Research Dept., Animal & Grassland Research and Innovation Centre, Teagasc, Grange, Dunsany, Co. Meath, Ireland: "Strain-specific virulence of bovine-adapted Staphylococcus aureus", Hörsaal C.

06.04.2022: Emmanuel Irimaso, MSc., School of Vet.Medicine, CAVM, Univ Ruanda: “Presence of broad-spectrum cephalosporin-resistant  Enterobacterales isolated from ruminants in Rwanda",  Hörsaal D, Beginn schon um 12 Uhr!

29.03.2022: Maximilian Mayerhofer, MSc.: "Detection, Isolation and Bioforensics of B. anthracis and B. cereus biovar anthracis", Hörsaal D.