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New positions upcoming:


We will soon announce further positions (predoc and postdoc)- stay tuned!

Conference season:


We have started into the conference season with the exciting DVG Physiology & Biochemistry meeting in Hannover, with 3 oral presentations and 3 poster presentations from our institute and great networking opportunities.

You will also meet us at the upcoming TERMIS world congress in Seattle, at the DPG conference in Vienna and at the GSCN conference in Jena- looking forward to get in touch!

Assistant Professor position open

The department is looking for a highly motivated candidate for an Assistant Professor Position (with tenure track) in the field of physiology, pathophysiology and regeneration. Please find more details here: 

3 predoc positions open

We’re looking for 3 motivated doctoral candidates (Dr. med. vet. or PhD program) to work on a research project within the fascinating field of regenerative medicine!

You will join a friendly and supportive team, a well-equipped lab and benefit from careful supervision during your start into your professional life. The positions will start between winter and spring 2024.




For more information, feel free to contact Prof. Burk or Prof. Dengler by email:


Mag. med. vet. Sarah Kugler awarded 2nd prize of the Austrian Buiatric Society (ÖBG)

Mag. med. vet. Sarah Kugler awarded 2nd prize of the Austrian Buiatric Society (ÖBG) for her diploma thesis “Influence of Cryptosporidium parvum infection on tight junction proteins in the jejunal epithelium of newborn calves” supervised by Ass.-Prof. Dr. Dengler.

Project start: Revisiting equine stem cell characterization


A new project, funded by the foundation ProPferd, is about to start: Exploring the role of phosphatidylglycerol for exclusive and functional characterization of multipotent mesenchymal stromal (stem) cells.

Prof. Burk is new head of the institute