EU Function A: Carrying out Procedures on Animals (University Course; in English)

(comparable to former FELASA Cat. B)


Please note: new course title!


Basic course in Laboratory Animal Science

February 8 - 17, 2021


The purpose of this university course is to introduce those working in the field of animal research to safe, responsible handling and care of animals used in scientific experiments, while maintaining the highest of standards. It serves to train students and postgraduates who will be conducting animal experiments in their professional roles.

Target group

·          Animal caretakers and veterinary assistants (with completed training, graduates of animal caretaker schools), individuals with comparable completed training including medical laboratory scientists and biology laboratory technicians

·          Bachelor, Master and Magister degree students completing programs in medical and biological fields

·          Graduates from a medical or biological academic program

Course type:
Block course for students and professionals in the field -integrated format


The program consists of 40 course hours which includes 20 hours of theoretical training and 20 hours of practical training.

Participation in the full course is mandatory! If a class is missed, it has to be made up by the participant in the next available course. Please note that prior approval by our faculty is necessary; otherwise, certification will not be issued.

This course is certified by the GV-SOLAS according to FELASA 2015 recommendations.


Course fees:

Members of the Vetmeduni Vienna*:

EUR 920.00 

Members of other Universities**:

EUR 1 130.00  

Independent applicants from industry, business or other:

EUR 1 550.00 


*) discount is applied when the course fee is billed to an institute or clinic of the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna in the form of an internal service allocation.
**)in case of billing to a University other than the University of Veterinary Medicine;
In any case, the decision on the applicable price category is made on the basis of the recipient of the invoice.


If you are not registered as a student at any Austrian university for the upcoming semester, you will also be required to pay an additional € 18 for the “ÖH-Beitrag“ (insurance).

Conditions of registration:

This course is specifically designed for people who are actively involved in animal experiments or animal related fields.


A fully completed online registration form is required for registration.


After receiving your registration we will contact you by email within 1 or 2 weeks.

Registration can only be accepted via our online registration form!

Due to the high number of telephone calls we receive, we request your patience until we contact you personally with further details through email.



Date: February 8th to 17th, 2021

Location: University of Veterinary Medicine Campus, Vienna.

Participants will be split into two or three groups for the practical training component of the course.


The theoretical part of the course will be held from February 8 - 12, 2021, for all course groups. 


Monday            02/08/2021      8h30 a.m. – 14h30 p.m.

Tuesday           02/09/2021       8h30 a.m. – 12h30 p.m.

Wednesday      02/10/2021       8h30 a.m. – 12h45 p.m.

Thursday          02/11/2021       8h15 a.m. – 12h p.m.

Friday              02/12/2021       8h30 a.m. – 11h30 p.m.


Practical training group A:

will be held from Feb 12 to 16 in the afternoon, directly after the theoretical course.


Practical training group B: 

Monday            02/15/2021       8h30 a.m. – 18h30 p.m.

Tuesday           02/16/2021       8h30 a.m. – 18h30 p.m.

Wednesday       02/17/2021       8h30 a.m. – 15h p.m.


Practical training group C:


Dates will be published within a few days!