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Summary of Standard Business Conditions


Standard business conditions

Registration and Deregistration are only accepted in written format. Enrollment number in the course is limited. Registrations will be handled in order of acceptance. 2-3 weeks after registration we will contact you by email to confirm your participation. 
Receipts will be sent out approximately 2 - 3 weeks after the start of the registration period. Please note that payment is due 4 weeks after the invoice has been issued. Only if your payment is received by us in time, your course registration can be guaranteed. If we do not receive your participation fee before the due date, please understand that your registration will be cancelled and your spot will be offered to a candidate from the waiting list.

Terms of Cancellation

Deregistration is possible not less than 10 workdays prior of the course commencement date. Later deregistration cannot be accepted and full course fees (100%) will be charged regardless of attendance. There is a possibility to substitute participants in case one participant is unable to attend the course. If someone can provide a substitute participant, all of the course fee will be applied on behalf of the new participant.

Participation in the course is only possible after payment of the full course fee. We kindly ask that you forward payment to: Vetmeduni Vienna, account number 51430 900 401, BA-CA, bank code: 12000.

Please Note:

Please ensure that you provide correct and full details for billing purposes. For further information regarding billing details of your specific institution, please contact your financial department. Any change to your billing information after submission will carry a € 20,- surcharge.