University employees can request DOIs for citable objects (research data, etc.) archived in Phaidra 1. The assigned DOI will be transferred to the object record metadata in question.


A DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is a unique and citable digital identifier in form of an alphanumeric string and remains permanently linked to the assigned object. A resolver 2 directs users to the objects location or landingpage providing its metadata and access options. Thus, a DOI makes it easier to find, identify and cite the related object.


  • The object must be archived in Phaidra
  • No DOI has been assigned to the object yet
  • The object creator has to be an university employee

For further requirements please consult our policy 3 (only available in german)


A DOI can be requested before oder after uploading the document in Phaidra via the DOI-request form 4.


Contact DOI-Service

+43 1 25077  1414 or 1416