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Who is permitted to store digital objects in Phaidra?

All university members have the permission to store documents in Phaidra.

What kind of digital objects can be stored in Phaidra?

It is possible to archive image, audio and video files as well as text documents in Phaidra. Before uploading a file please pay attention to the recommended file formats:

  textfile imagefile audiofile videofile
recommended .pdf (PDF/A) .tif .wav .avi, .mpeg2
possible .tex .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png .mp3 .avi, .mov, .3gp

For detailed information consult this document provided by the Vienna university library.

How can I upload digital objects to Phaidra?

The owner can upload his/her objects to Phaidra. First, log in to Phaidra. Click on "New object" and choose the correct object type. After uploading the digital object to Phaidra an input mask (metadata editor) opens. Enter the necessary metadata (fields marked with * must be filled in). Finally click on "Save metadata in object". The object record is now created and the digital object is permanently archived in Phaidra.

What is metadata? 

Metadata is data that provides information about other data and therefore gives basic information about a digital file.

Who can access digital objects stored in Phaidra?

Digital objects stored in Phaidra are - by default - permanently and freely accessible to the public. If required, access can be restricted solely to university members.
Caution: the object record (=metadata) is alway visible, even if an access restriction is set!

Can digital objects stored in Phaidra be deleted?

No, digital objects archived in Phaidra can not be deleted. Therefore all legal issues (copyright, data protection, etc.) should be clarified before uploading the file!

Can objects archived in Phaidra be found via Internet search engines?

Yes! The metadata embedded in Phaidra is searchable via Internet search engines.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

For further questions please contact the university library.

Does the university library offer training sessions?

Yes. On request, the university library offers a one-hour introductory training session held either in our seminar room or on site in the institutes/clinics. Please send a request to: