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Dr. Andreas Berghänel

Konrad-Lorenz-Institut für Vergleichende Verhaltensforschung
AG Domestikation
Department für Interdisziplinäre Lebenswissenschaften
Veterinärmedizinische Universität Wien
Dörfles 48
A-2115 Ernstbrunn



My research focuses on the evolution and ontogeny of social behaviour, incorporating socioecology, life history and developmental plasticity. I worked on diverse primate species, investigating socioecology, coalition formation and social bonds in Barbary macaques, and developmental trade-offs and prenatal maternal stress effects in wild Assamese macaques, wild Chimpanzees, and across mammals (meta-analysis). Currently, I'm interested in the general socioecology of free-ranging dogs and wolves, how it may effect their social behaviour and skills, and how early life experiences including (social) prenatal maternal stress may influence social behaviour.

Curriculum Vitae



PhD (summa cum laude)

Leibniz Graduate School for the Foundations of Primate Social Behavior, DPZ, Göttingen

Department of Behavioral Ecology, University of Göttingen

  • Thesis: Immature development in wild Assamese macaques
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Julia Ostner and PD Oliver Schülke


Diploma in Biology

Universities of Mainz, Jena and Leipzig

  • Focus on behavioral ecology and behavioral physiology
  • Thesis at MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig:

Socioecology and socio-endocrinology of male Barbary macaques

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Julia Ostner and PD Oliver Schülke


M.Sc. minor in Psychology (University of Jena)



Postdoctoral research position

University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Konrad Lorenz Institute of Ethology – Domestication Lab


Postdoctoral research position (since 2018: Adjunct Assistant Professor)

University of New Mexico, Department of Anthropology

Kibale Chimpanzee Project


Camp manager at Phue Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand

CRC Evolution of Social Behaviour, University of Göttingen


Independent research associate
CRC Evolution of Social Behavior, University of Göttingen 

Prizes and awards

  • Most outstanding paper/Best talk (1st price)
    Meeting of the International Primatological Society, Hanoi (2014)
  • Best poster award
    Meeting of the German Zoological Society, Göttingen (2014)