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Most quantitative traits are polygenic with many loci that contribute to the phenotype. After a sudden change in the environment which results in change in the trait optimum, many loci need to change in their frequencies so that the population reaches the new optimum. This is polygenic adaptation and I am interested in understanding its genetic basis. 

Genetic redundancy, an intrinsic characteristic of polygenic adaptation, results in multiple alternative genetic pathways that all converge at the new phenotypic optimum. Therefore, the inferred basis of polygenic adaptation might differ among populations. Moreover, the intensity of environmental shift affects the genetic basis of adaptation. I am interested in the effects of genetic redundancy and environmental shift on the inferred genetic basis of adaptation. 

I use experimental evolution in Drosophila to study the genetic basis of traits such as thermal tolerance and body size in replicated selection experiments taking advantage of time series phenotypic and allele frequency data.