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Workshop Description

The Pattern Recongition Workshop 2023, held in January 2023 in Graz, provides a platform for presentation and discussion of research and current projects in the fields of pattern recongition, machine leanring, and computer vision. The aim would be to bring together researchers and students working on interdisciplinary topics for discussion and establishing potential collaborations.

General topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Active learning, interactive machine learning, and human-in-the-loop
  • Embedded and mobile computer vision / machine learning
  • (Bio-)Medical image analysis
  • Object/scene detection, recognition, and categorization
  • Pattern analysis (visual and non-visual data) 
  • Robot vision and embedded intelligence
  • Sensors and information fusion
  • Statistical methods and machine learning
  • Video analysis and event recognition 


Paper Submission

We solicit full papers (8 pages) of original, unpublished work. Paper lengths include references. All submitted papers will undergo a double-blind peer review process by the program committee.


The papers need to be submitted via


following the format given in the official template (LaTex and Word). For camera ready submission, please use the camera-ready flag.


Important Dates

  • Paper registration: November 25, 2022
  • Paper submission deadline: Dezember 30, 2022
  • Review submission: January 13, 2023
  • Notification of acceptance: January 15, 2023
  • Final papers due: January 27, 2023
  • Workshop in Graz: January 25, 2023



January 25, 2023

  • 16:00: Session 1
    • Opening
    • 6 talks (8 minutes)
    • Panel discussion
    • Break
  • 17:00: Session 2
    • 5 talks (8 minutes)
    • Panel discussion
    • Closing

The final programme will be provided soon. Due to unpredictable restrictions the starting time would be postponed to 18:00 and the workshop-format would change from a presence to a pure online event!