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Susanne Kreuzer-Redmer

Susanne Kreuzer-Redmer

Assoz.Prof. Dr. Susanne Kreuzer-Redmer
T +43 1 25077-3215  
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The focus of Susanne Kreuzer-Redmer's work is research into the interaction of the animal's genetics with nutrition, as well as the influence of nutrition and feed additives such as e.g. B. Probiotics on gene regulation.

In particular, she focuses on investigating the role of microRNAs, small post-transcriptionally active RNA molecules. Another focus of her work is the evaluation of specific miRNAs as biomarkers for animal health.

In addition, she works on the establishment and application of cell culture models for chicken, pig, cattle and horses to evaluate the immunomodulatory properties of functional feed additives. Susanne Kreuzer-Redmer is involved at European level in the Commission for Animal Nutrition.