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Mission statement Animal Nutrition

In its educational and research endeavours, the "Animal Nutrition" working group emphasizes the scientific underpinnings of the study of nutrition, as these are vital for understanding physiological and pathophysiological cycles and the influence of nutritional factors down to the molecular level.

These efforts contribute to the maintenance of animal and human health. Problem-based investigation of normal physiological and pathophysiological processes, as well as of the influence of nutritional factors, forms the basis for applied research in this area.

The insights gleaned from this research are shared with students, with the educational focus being on interactive, problem-oriented learning.

Mission statement Functional Plants Compounds

The working group functional plants deals with secondary plant compounds and natural substances which influence the health of human and animal in positive as well as in negative senses.

The specialty of this working group relies on the comprehensive editing of the topics of the following:

  • enlightenment of the formation of secondary compounds and their optimization in the plant.
  • the use - especially in nutrition and phytotherapy - until proof of toxic plants respectively their toxic secondary compounds.

During the apprenticeship this knowledge is given to students and graduates targeted through appropriate areas like animal nutrition, phytotherapy and food science. Additionally, the knowledge is provided about contaminants that come through plants into the food chain.