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The Wildlife Medicine group aims to develop, improve and provide state of the art, research-oriented and species-specific wildlife and zoo animal medicine.

We work on a broad range of clinical and research topics in the field of wildlife medicine, ranging from population health management, diagnostic and therapeutic interventions; and from comparative medicine to highly personalised intensive medical care offered to our patients.  By continuously improving methods and developing novel techniques, the wildlife medicine group offers the highest standard of veterinary care suited for the respective wildlife species or research setting.

With this considerable and diverse collective clinical and research experience, the group is well situated to advise on and provide veterinary care for wild animals on an individual as well as a population level. A focus of the group is the capture of free-ranging and captive wildlife and the performance of veterinary and diagnostic procedures in the field. 

Wildlife conservation and animal welfare considerations are integrative principles of all our research and veterinary work.


Veterinary Services, Teaching and Training



Our Team

Our team covers a wide variety of veterinary disciplines, which are adapted to accommodate the diversity of the respective species treated.


Gabrielle Stalder doing field work

Dr. Gabrielle Stalder

Dr. Gabrielle Stalder is head of the working group. She is involved in a wide range of research on wildlife anaesthesia, wildlife diseases and ecophysiology of wildlife species. Her research interests include the microbiome and the ecophysiological acclimatization of wild animals.


Dr. Johanna Painer with anaesthetised bear

Dr. Johanna Painer

Dr. Johanna Painer is an expert in advanced ultra-sonography, reproductive management, internal medicine and animal welfare. As such, she works in various research and conservation projects concerning wildlife anaesthesia, reproductive management, biomimetics and wildlife crime.


Dr. Friederike Pohlin with rhino

Dr. Friederike Pohlin

Dr. Friederike Pohlin has a broad scientific background in wildlife anaesthesia and game management.  Her current research is directed towards improving wild animal immobilisation and the assessment of stress and animal welfare during wildlife translocation.

Friederike Pohlin is also currently replacing Gabrielle Stalder during maternity leave.