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The Unit of Food Hygiene and Technology is involved in Research, Education and Extension Services.

Karin Schwaiger


Karin Schwaiger

Univ.-Prof. Karin Schwaiger
T +43 1 25077-3300  
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Focus of work of our Unit

Analytics and Chemistry

The focus of work is primarily concerned with the chemical analysis of meat and meat products.

Technology and Sensory Analysis

The focus of work is primarily concerned with the sensory analysis of meat and meat products, instrumental measurement of meat quality and the influence of processing technology on the quality of meat products.

Molecular microbiology

The focus of work includes the identification and characterization of food pathogens as well as spoilage pathogens and starter cultures.


The focus of work includes, among other things, the cultural diagnostics of meat and meat products, in particular with regard to microbiological food safety.


The microbiological safety of meat and meat products

Microbial pathogens causing foodborne infection and intoxication (meat and meat products)

Prevalence and transfer of antimicrobial resistance

Changes in fat and protein components of foods as affected by processing and storage

Assessment of risks associated with foodborne pathogens

Virulence properties of food pathogens

Muscle biological and meat quality (sensory) effects resulting from meat processing


Lectures and exercises as part of the basic studies in veterinary medicine

Courses as part of the advanced studies

Extra-university education and training


Chemical analysis of foods of animal origin

Bacteriological analysis of foods of animal origin

EC Process Hygiene Criteria Packages

Hygiene controls in food processing and processing companies

Molecular biological detection of food pathogens