The VetBiobank is a central reasearch facility of the Vetmeduni Vienna, professionally collecting biological samples and their associated data of animal origin. The VetBiobank mainly contains tissue samples of companion animal tumors. As research data from these samples can be linked to data from medical records of the animal patients, these samples are considered as valuable resources for medical research.


Main tasks

  • to archive biological samples in a high quality standard to enable highly reliable and reproducible research
  • to provide access to already archived samples derived from the clinics at the animal hospital 
  • to support researchers in collecting, processing and storing of appropriate samples according to their requirements


Ao.Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Ingrid Walter
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+43 664 60257 6383
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Stefanie Burger, MSc. 
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Mag. Melanie Stargardt
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Mag. Stefan Kummer
+43 1 25077 3171 
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Dr. Monika Wieser
+43 1 25077 3167
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