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Targeted Analysis and Quantification of Small Molecules and Peptides

The analysis of small molecules includes the targeted analysis of low molecular mass analytes like metabolites, secondary plant compounds, pharmaceutical agents as well as toxins and peptide hormones. The UHPLC-TripleQuad-Linear Ion Trap-LC-MS/MS system (Sciex QTRAP 6500+ coupled to an Agilent 1290 Infinity II) is offered in rental service mode. It is open to be booked and  used in self-service after a training by VetCore staff. The equipment of the complete sample preparation workflow for solid phase extraction, sample concentration with a cooled vacuum centrifuge and LC-MS/MS analysis including data evaluation software is provided. VetCore staff members are always available for support and are responsible for maintenance and cleaning of the LC-MS/MS system. Furthermore, we assist with project planning, implementation of methods and data generation.

Consumables, solvents, standards and LC columns are contributed by the cooperation partners or supplied by VetCore. Therefore, costs are project dependent and services are billed according to actual expenses. Standard parameters for the available LC-MS/MS system are an inner diameter of the UHPLC column 2.1 mm, pore size 1.6-2µm, length 5 to 15 cm, flow rates of 0.1-0.5 ml/min. Please contact us for further information before you want to start your project!

Sample Preparation Equipment for Small Molecule Analysis

Off-line SPE 24-Port Vacuum Chamber

Solid phase extraction (SPE) is a routinely applied step in sample preparation for small molecule analysis in biological sources like serum, urine, food and other complex matrices. It enables both removal of interfering biological matrix components as well as enhancing the concentration of analytes in LC/MS samples. Due to the complex chemistry of analytes and matrices you will have to find the optimal column type and size out of a variety of SPE sorbent materials. Bringing the columns of your choice as well as necessary solvents you can process your samples using our 24-port vacuum chamber. 


The CentriVap Refrigerated Concentrator, combined with the CentriVap -104°C Cold Trap, uses centrifugal force and vacuum with or without heat to rapidly evaporate and condense solvents from biological and analytical samples. Centrifugation eliminates foaming as vacuum is applied and also concentrates the solute in the bottom of the vial. This allows recovery of solutes from different sample volumes. The unique advantage of this concentrator is that it may be cooled to -4°C to prevent damage to heat labile samples. For faster evaporation, the chamber can also be warmed during processing. As companion to the Concentrator, the CentriVap Cold Trap protects the vacuum pump by trapping moisture at -104°C, vapors and corrosive fumes as they evaporate from the samples.