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Use this easy way of accessing web-based resources with a single login for off campus access to electronic databases, journals and books.

Currently the following publishers offer access for authentication / authorization with Shibboleth:

How to do it:

• Open the information provider's website using the above list.

• Search on this website for terms such as “Shibboleth Login”, “Institutional Login”, “Select your region or group”, login for “organizations / institutions”.

• In the next step select Vetmeduni or Veterinary University. For some providers, prior to selecting our institution, the federation through which access is to be made must be selected. This is the ACOnet Federation in this case.

• The Vetmeduni login box will appear with the logo of the University of Veterinary Medicine. All you need to do then is enter your Vetmeduni login data (the same login you use to log into your university account or Vetmedonline).

• After your approval, you will be redirected to the page of the respective information provider.

Example Videos "How to login":

Shibboleth Access to Sciences Direct (Video)

Shibboleth Access to Web of Science (Video)

Shibboleth Access to OVID (Video)

Shibboleth Access to SCOPUS (Video)


Vetmeduni offers this Shibboleth technology in cooperation with ACOnet (Austrian Academic Computer Network) and our content providers. The prerequisite for this technology is that the respective content provider (publisher) supports this interface.