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FWF Open Access Funding

FWF Open Access Block Grant

As of January 1, 2024, publication costs for open access publications (peer-reviewed journal articles, contributions to edited volumes, etc.) resulting in whole or in part from FWF-funded projects will be supported by means of an Open Access Block Grant provided in addition to the project budget. The Open Access Block Grant replaces the FWF’s Peer-Reviewed Publications Programme guidelines and processes for all projects.

The funding process will be managed by the Vetmeduni Open Access Team. For any questions please contact the Open Access Team or consult the Open Access Grant Internal guidlines. More informaton on this website about the Open Access Block Grant will follow soon.

Contact & Information

For further information please consult the Open Access Grant Internal guidelines:

Link: Open Access Grant Internal guidlines

More information available on the FWF website:

Link: The Open Access Block Grant

Link: The Austrian Science Fund's Open Access Policy

Link: FWF Open Science Funding 

For questions, please contact the Open Access Team:

Martin Gundacker, Werner Hirschmugl