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Information for the institutions of Vetmeduni

Ordering and cancelling media

The university library (main library) of the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna provides library services for all of Vetmeduni's institutions. If you have any questions or requests, please contact the library staff at the Information desk (ext. 1414) or refer to the contact persons listed below.

If there is a  change in library staff members, please contact Bianca Krasnek  (ext. 1408) at your earliest convenience.

Publication requests for your institution

If you would like to request order of a publication, please get in touch with Franz Michlmayr  (ext. 1404).

Publication suggestions for the university library (main library)

For suggestions regarding the purchase of publications for the main library’s media inventory, please contact  Bianca Krasnek  (ext. 1408).

Literature for exams and courses

The main library endeavours to make literature needed for exam preparation and participation in university courses available. To help us achieve this, please inform us regularly and in a timely fashion of new or revised reading lists for courses or exams by contacting  Bianca Krasnek  (ext. 1408) or  Franz Michlmayr (ext. 1404).
Please keep in mind that approximately 3 weeks are needed for delivery and processing before the ordered text will be available for checkout on the shelves.


The main library seeks to make literature and factual databases available to students and university employees. If your institution is interested in a subject database, please contact  Bianca Krasnek  (ext. 1408).

Coordination of orders and cancellations for journals with the main library

To request new orders or cancellations, please contact  Sarah Seidenberger  (ext. 1415). After approval by the library head, the journals will be ordered. Cancellations can normally only be made until the end of September, after which point subscriptions will automatically be renewed for another year.

Old literature inventories

If you wish to remove media (other than journals) from your institution’s inventory, please deposit at the main library after consulting with Bianca Krasnek  (ext. 1408).
For journals, please contact  Sarah Seidenberger  (ext. 1415).
After checking for duplicates and consulting acquisition guidelines, the media will be added to the main library’s inventory.

If you wish to keep media in your institution’s inventory but do not wish to display it in the library catalogue, please consult with Bianca Krasnek  (ext. 1408).

Transferring media to another location

If media is moved from one institution to another, our directories must be updated. Please get in touch with Bianca Krasnek  (ext. 1408).

Opening hours of the departments, centres and facilities of the university

Please inform  Bianca Krasnek  (ext. 1408) of any changes to the opening hours of campus library institutions.