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Sartorius IncuCyte S3
Live cell analysis system

GA06B47, VetCore cell culture laboratory

Stephan Handschuh  

Booking calendar


The IncuCyte S3 is a fully automated live cell imaging system inside a HeraCell 240i incubator. It allows monitoring of cells for several days under constant environmental conditions. The system can load up to six cell culture plates at a time and allows image acquisition using phase contrast and green and red fluorescence. It can be used for various assays such as proliferation, wound healing, and migration, among others. The system includes a software platform for automated quantitative analysis.

  • Objectives
    • 4x
    • 10x
    • 20x
  • Filters
    • green | Ex 440–480 | Em 504–544
    • red | Ex  565–605 | Em 625–705
  • Detector
    • Basler ace acA1920-155um, CMOS, monochrome
  • Pixel resolution at available magnifications
    • 2.82µm @ 4X
    • 1.24µm @ 10X
    • 0.62µm @ 20X
  • Additional Hardware
    • Sartorius Wound Maker

The Incucyte S3 is accessible to authorized persons only. Instrument training is provided upon request and is provided by core facility personnel.

General conditions of IncuCyte usage:

  • For operation, it is mandatory to book the IncuCyte S3 in the booking calendar.
  • Only biological safety level 1 (BSL-1) experiments can be performed.
  • IncuCyte experiments must be scheduled, controlled, and analysed remotely from the user’s office.
  • The instrument can be operated only by a single user at a time.
  • After the experiment, all dishes need to be removed from the instrument. It is not possible to dispose plates in the VetCore cell culture laboratory.
  • Users must remove their data from the IncuCyte storage within 12 months after the imaging experiment.

Cell culture lab rules:

  • Access to the cell culture lab by keycard is granted after completed training.
  • It is mandatory to use a lab coat and gloves when working in the cell culture lab, according to the university’s S1 guidelines.
  • All users will conform to local disinfection rules.

Further details on laboratory rules and instrument usage will be provided in the training sessions.

After training on the instrument, users can download the IncuCyte manual and SOPs and via the VetCore booking calendar.

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