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New e-Book „Advances in precision livestock farming“

Publisher's information:

The livestock sector is facing increasing pressure to develop more ‘climate-smart’ methods that can be used to prevent the onset of major diseases, whilst also monitoring the efficiency and environmental impact of livestock production.

Advances in precision livestock farming provides a comprehensive review of recent advances in the development of precision livestock technologies to monitor the health and welfare of animals as well as key areas of production such as housing and feed efficiency. The collection includes chapters on monitoring key health issues such as mastitis, lameness and fertility together with areas such as milking and grazing management.

Edited by a leading researcher in the field, Advances in precision livestock farming will be a standard reference for livestock scientists in universities and research centres, precision farming manufacturers, and government and private sector agencies involved in the regulation of new technologies to improve the health and welfare of livestock

This new publication from June 2022 is permanently available for download and also for reading on the Taylor & Francis platform for authorised users.

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