Library tours, training, home visits

Library tours

At the beginning of the semester in October, you will have the opportunity to participate in hour-long library tours. In addition to the facilities themselves, we will give you a quick tour of the search engine vetmed:seeker 1. Please sign up for this tour at the info stand; the list will be available there starting in September.

If you are interested in taking a library tour during the year, we are happy to oblige. E-Mail Library to arrange a tour.

Training sessions

Are you interested in learning how to find literature, extend the lending period for your borrowed books on your own, or make reservations ahead of time for media currently on loan? 
If so, then our training sessions are just the thing for you. We offer these sessions at irregular intervals. If you are interested, please E-Mail to David Frank.

We always offer short introductions (around 10 minutes) to our search engine vetmed:seeker 2 at the info stand during opening hours.

As with our databases, more in-depth training sessions are available by appointment.

If you are interested in participating in a training session E-Mail to David Frank.


Home visits

If you are a member of Vetmeduni Vienna and wish to participate in a training session at your workplace regarding the information we offer or, for example, you wish to learn how to continually receive information on a certain topic from a journal or database via RSS, we are happy to advise you on site at your clinic or institute. We are also happy to arrange training for you and your colleagues at one of the university’s computer rooms.

E-Mail to Claudia Hausberger.