Bachelor's Programme in Equine Sciences (in German)

The Bachelor's Programme in Equine Sciences serves to impart comprehensive fundamental knowledge about theoretical and practical aspects of the equine industry, stud management and horse breeding as well as equestrian sport and all related duties in health care and business management. In addition to conveying basic knowledge, which will remain invaluable for a long time in a professional context, this also serves as an opportunity to learn, practice and implement knowledge and skills using real-life scenarios.

Duration and structure of the programme

The Bachelor's  Programme in Equine Sciences comprises 6 semesters and 180 ECTS-credits. In addition to the required coursework, a Bachelor's thesis and internships have to be completed. 30 ECTS must be earned in every semester.

Requirements for admission

Admission to the Bachelor's Programme in Equine Sciences is granted upon proof of general eligibility for admission to the university.




Admission for Studies

(Updated on 19.08.2020)

Ranking lists for Diploma programme Veterinary Medicine, Bachelor's programme Biomedicine and Biotechnology, Bachelor's programme Equine Science and Master's Programme Comparative Biomedicine for 2020/2021

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