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Campus Management

Campus Management is the central control unit for numerous activities related to the continuous operation and maintenance of the campus and its buildings. The telephone system and postal services, the printing shop, the vehicle fleet and maintenance workers are all managed by this department; furthermore, it coordinates external services (e.g. security and cleaning).  

Campus Management is responsible for the following:

  • Administration of classrooms, visitor housing and other facilities on campus
  • Administration of feed storage
  • Administration of materials and furniture storage
  • Administration of telephone system
  • Provision of information about safety in the workplace
  • Administration and cleaning of external facilities
  • Operation of telephone system and postal services
  • Security on campus
  • Printing, duplication and administration of copy cards
  • Facilities cleaning and waste disposal
  • Maintenance, repair and operation of workshops (carpentry, locksmith's shop)
  • Transport services (in and outside the university)
  • Assistance with the advertising of machinery and technical equipment
  • Overseeing technical operations
  • Ensuring function and maintenance of building services and the energy supply