Borrowing and reservation


What can I borrow?

Most media items in the open access section and the repository of the library may be borrowed.

Not on loan are periodicals and volumes of journals, reference books, loose-leaf collections, and all works marked with a red dot (= reference copies) and all works found in the RARA section (RARA = rare books).

Media items, not yet entered in vetmed:seeker 1 (1989 inventory) can only be borrowed from the day after inclusion.

For more information, see Borrowing 2.


How can I reserve media items?

On vetmed:seeker 1 click on the "Reserve" button and sign in using your user barcode and your date of birth as password. You will be notified by email when the media item has been returned and is available. The reserved media item will then be available for collection for ten working days.

For more information, see Lending 3.


How long can I reserve media items for?

  • Books may be borrowed for a period of one month.
  • Books from the BN department which are marked with a red dot ... (encyclopaedias, reference books, dictionaries), original University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna dissertations copies, loose-leaf binders and RARA located rare books may not be borrowed.
  • Books marked with a yellow dot may be borrowed for one working day, for a weekend or for the duration of a public holiday.
  • Periodicals and single issues or volumes of journals may not be borrowed.
  • Video cassettes, CD-ROMs, DVDs and sound recordings may be borrowed for one month. Exceptions are again media items marked with a red dot. These may not be borrowed.

The loan period may be extended up to 2 times as long as the borrowed media item is not already reserved.