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Springer Compact

Vetmeduni employees can publish Open Access in over 1,850 Springer subscription journals (Springer Open-Choice) free of charge.

A list of eligible journals under the Springer Compact Open Access agreement can be found here.

Under which conditions can you publish free of charge?

  • Corresponding Author is affiliated with Vetmeduni at the time of acceptance of the article.
  • The email address of Vetmeduni is used for submission.
  • The submitted and accepted contribution corresponds to one of the following article types: OriginalPaper, ReviewPaper, BriefCommunication, ContinuingEducation.


  • When submitting the article, please state your affiliation with Vetmeduni.
  • If the article is accepted, Springer will provide you with a link to the "MyPublication" online form and you can consent to the Open Access publication here.

Please note:

Fees such as page charges, color charges, etc. will be charged separately with the submitter, if applicable, by the respective journal.

Further information