Parnia Ardakani

bachelor student 2018 and 2019


Slobodanka Bugaric

Lab Aid


Nadine Burchardt

Diploma Student

Graduation 2014


Stephanie Egger

Diploma Student

Graduation 2013


Karolina Hilse-Koller, PhD.

PhD student 2014-2018

Publications 2

Now at VBCF 3


Barbara Köse

Diploma Student 27.11.2014-30.11.2015


Gabriel Macher

PhD student

Publications 4


Dr.rer.nat. Elena Malingriaux

née Sokolenko

Research Scientist

Publications 5


Christian Mikovits

Research Scientist 2017-2018


Bernadette Mödl

Bachelor Student


Michael Moschinger

Bachelor Student


Aqif Nasufi MSc.

Diploma Student

Graduation 2012


Dipl.-Ing. Barbara Nußbaumer

Technical Assistant


Martin Piontek

undergraduate assistant 2018-2019


Irina Perevozchikova PhD

Research Scientist

Publications 8


Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Reisecker

Guest Scientist


Sarah Rosenthaler, BSc.

Technical Assistant



Dr. Anne Rupprecht

Research Scientist 2009-2018

Publications 9

Now at the University of Rostock Link 10



Priv.-Doz. Alina Smorodchenko

Research Scientist

Habilitation 2013

Publications 11 


Clara Schmidt

part-time student employee - bachelor thesis: "Recombinant production and targeting of murine uncoupling proteins 1 and 4 towards the E.coli inner membrane"



Samuel R. Toth

undergraduate assistant 2018


Ronja Vitt, MSc.



Silvia Wallisch, MSc.

Graduation 2013



project employee for PiPoCooL


Dr. Lars Zimmermann

Research Scientist