Here is an overview of some current projects:

  • Subclinical inflammation of the bovine genital tract – the fallopian tube as a link between disease and subfertility.
  • Detection of calf diarrhoea using acceleration sensors.
  • Development of the microbiome in the intestine of the newborn calf.
  • Detection of respiratory disease in calves using acceleration sensors.
  • Sensor-assisted monitoring of animal health and wellbeing in dairy herds.
  • Impact of an energy deficit on the bovine endometrium.
  • Examination of the importance of Bacillus pumilus  and Streptococcus uberis  in bovine uterine infections.
  • Sensor-assisted recognition of physiological and pathological conditions in dairy cows.
  • Analysis of possible factors of reduced insemination success in dairy cows.
  • Acceptance of digitalization in agriculture.

Ongoing and completed project 1s


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