“Livestock” Working Group

Zebeli, Klevenhusen, Hollmann, Metzler-Zebeli

"Functional Plant Compounds" Working Group

Chizzola, Hahn-Ramssl, Lukas,Novak, Ruzicka, Schmiderer, Zitterl-Eglseer

  • Antimalarial Plants of Burkina Faso Info zum Projekt 6
  • PLANT food supplements: Levels of Intake, Benefit and Risk Assessment
  • Neuroprotective effects of Cannabis extracts and cannabinoids
  • Cultivation, analysis and genetics of medicinal plants, specialty plantings

“Mycotoxicology” Working Group


  • Issues of feed hygiene with respect to mycological examinations
  • The effect of various mycotoxins on the electrophysiological properties of the intestinal epithelium
  • Proteomic analysis of food- and feed-contaminating mould fungi. Study of environmental factors influencing the development of toxins along with the concomitant change in the proteome of selected mould fungi.
  • Identification and differentiation of Aspergillus and other mould fungi by means of MALDI‑TOF mass spectrometry

“Small Animal Nutrition” Working Group:


  • Characterization of intestinal microbiotic organisms in healthy animals
  • The role of intestinal microbiotic organisms and intestinal inflammation processes in canine and feline obesity
  • The trend of feeding raw food to dogs and cats – auditing of food rations, digestibility experiments, survey of pet owners

K-Project Preventive Veterinary Medicine


The PVM (Preventive Veterinary Medicine) project – an alliance of institutes at two universities and nine industry partners – is one of two agriculturally-oriented competence projects funded by the COMET Initiative for Excellence in Applied Research.

The K-Project (Centres for Competence–Project funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency): Safer pork production via improvements in animal health 7




Focus of research in ruminant nutrition & health