The Clever Dog Lab

The Clever Dog Lab is located at the University of Veterinarinary Medicine Vienna. Since pet dogs live in the human environment and share our homes and offices with us, the 5 test rooms at the Dog Lab are comparable to their natural environment. Here we can test the dogs’ problem solving abilities in a familar setting with their owners nearby, while the camera system of each room allows us to observe and record the dogs’ behaviour. We have also special equipment, such as two different touch screens, a projection and a sound replaying systems as well as an eye-tracker, that allow for displaying carefully designed visual and acoustic stimuli for the dogs and for recording certain details of their behaviour.

We do not keep dogs in the Dog Lab. We expect pet dogs and
their owners to visit us from Vienna and also more distant
regions if the owners do not mind travelling to us. Our
students, guest researchers and lab manager welcome the
family dogs who arrive after fixing an appointment. The dogs
participate in various test situations that mostly model their
everyday life, and involve some play or interactions with
people and almost always result in getting some food or toy
reward. The owners mostly accompany their dogs in these tests and can learn a lot about the physical understanding and social responsiveness of their pet.



Clever Dog Lab