Head of Unit



Prof. Ludwig Huber is a zoologist who also studied philosophy and psychology.

Since September 1st, 2011, he has been holding the chair for the natural science of animal ethics and human-animal-interactions at the Messerli Research Institute, a double appointment professorship of the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna.

At the Messerli Research Institute he has been the head of the unit of Comparative Cognition since 2011, and had been the spokesman of the institute 2011-2014.

He is also connected with the University of Vienna through his permanent teaching license ("Habilitation") and the current involvement in the doctoral program "Cognition and Communication“. He has been head of the Department of Theoretical Biology (1995–2003), head of faculty’s priority research program “Cognition” (Faculty of Life Sciences), and head and co-founder of the Department of Cognitive Biology at the University of Vienna (2010-2011).