Birte Wrage, MA

Birte Wrage holds an MA in Applied Ethics from Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany, and a BA in Rehabilitation Pedagogy from TU Dortmund University, Germany.

Since 2018, Birte Wrage has been a PhD student at the ethics unit, working on the role of touch in animal morality as part of the FWF-funded project “Morality in animals - what it means and why it matters” (PI: Judith Benz-Schwarzburg). The PhD project centers on the idea that touch as 'the first sense' is an ontogenetic and phylogenetic precursor to verbal language and thus likely plays a role in the social lives of non-linguistic mammals that has been neglected so far. More precisely, the project develops the idea that touch can be an expression of moral capacities – think of consolation and the soothing effect of gentle touch –, and that maternal touch as a facilitator of social and thus potentially moral development may be a basic right in mammals.

Research interests

  • Animal cognition and behaviour
  • Applied animal ethics
  • Philosophy of touch

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Birte Wrage, MA
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