Kerstin Weich, PhD

Kerstin Weich has been working since 2012 as scientific coordinator in several research projects on Veterinary Ethics. As Senior Lecturer she teaches Applied ethics at the University of Veterinary medicine. She studied Modern German Literature, Philosophy and Communication Science at the TU Dresden and at Freie Universität Berlin. Additionally, she graduated in Veterinary Medicine from Freie Universität Berlin. From 2009 she has been an Ethicist in the Animal Experiments Committee of Berlin. She worked as a freelance vet (small animals) and was engaged as a freelancer in research and teaching. In 2012, she won the Young Scholar Award of the World Association for the History of Veterinary Medicine for an essay on the concept of health in veterinary medicine, 2018 she qulifid as a veterinarian specialised in animal welfare.

Research interests

  • Philosophy of veterinary medicine
  • animal studies
  • poststructuralism and posthumanism
  • History, theory and ethics of veterinary medicine
  • Veterinary ethics and animal welfare ethics
  • Didactics of veterinary ethics
  • Ethics in the veterinary clinic
  • Ethical justifiability of animal experiments
  • Applied ethics in laboratory animal science

Research projects

  • Towards a Philosophy of Veterinary Medicine Morality (phD)

Selected publications

  • Weich K. Pharmakoästhetische Praktiken. Wie Tiere einen guten Tod sterben. Jahrbuch der Praktischen Philosophie in globaler Perspektive 2018, 2: 193-219.
  • Weich K. Privater oder öffentlicher Vernunftgebrauch? Zur Prüfung auf ethische Vertretbarkeit von Tierversuchsvorhaben. BMTW 2018, 131: 284-291.
  • Weich K, Grimm H. (2018): Meeting the Patient's Interest in Veterinary Clinics. Ethical Dimensions of the 21st Century Animal Patient. Food Ethics, 2018, 1/3: 259-272.

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Winter term

  • Applied Ethics in Veterinary Medicine I and III
  • Animal welfare ethics
  • Ethics in equine medicine

Summer term

  • Applied Ethics in Veterinary Medicine I and III
  • Ethics in companion animal medicine

Tzt. Kerstin Weich PhD. MA.
T +43 1 25077-2655; 2656
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