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Herd health management for cattle farms

The working group for herd health management for ruminants is happy to provide consultancy for cattle farms. Our aim is to provide consultancy in collaboration with the attending veterinarian. We do not provide outpatient veterinary services as part of our herd health management programme. 

Typical diseases at problematic farms that play a role in herd management are:
fertility disorders, metabolic diseases, claw diseases, diseases in calves and young animals, udder diseases, mastitis, milking hygiene

We will schedule an appointment with you and your attending veterinarian to perform a thorough examination.

Consultancy of the farm comprises the following measures:
  analysis of existing data (feeding and milking performance, diseases, etc.)
  assessment of status quo and sample collection
∙ consultancy on how to improve the situation
∙ definition of objectives and development of a strategy to achieve these goals
∙ developing a visiting protocol and documenting of negotiated measures in writing
∙ monitoring of results at regular intervals

The necessity of additional tests, e.g. blood and urine tests will be discussed on an individual basis.

The costs
Costs of consultancy services vary depending on the duration, distance and the necessity of additional tests. We will be happy to provide additional information upon request (by e-mail or phone).

Depending on the scientific relevance of the cases and in the context of educational measures, we may be able to give discounts.