Internship and Residency

This programme was established to allow participants to obtain the necessary qualifications for the Residency Programmes in bovine health management (e.g. European College of Bovine Health Management), and also for disciplines with a focus on bovine health (e.g. European College of Animal Reproduction subfield Bovine Reproduction and Herd Health, European College of Veterinary Surgeons subfield Bovine Surgery) or population medicine (e.g. European College of Veterinary Public Health and Food Science).


Interns must have completed an academic programme at an accredited European university of veterinary medicine. Exceptions for graduates of non-European universities are granted on an individual basis.

Programme overview

The training programme is a 12-month internship completed primarily at the Clinic for Ruminants of the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna. The programme is supported by the Clinical Unit for Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Andrology.


The objective of the internship programme is to allow for attaining the requirements detailed in the training brochure 1 of the European College of Bovine Health Management (ECBHM) 2 or other European Colleges regarding bovine diseases necessary for admission to the Residency Programme.

For a brochure about the ruminant medicine internship 3

Residency Programme

For more information on the Residency Programmes, see the website of the Vice-Rector for Study Affairs and Clinical Veterinary Medicine 4.


During a one-month internship at the Clinic for Ruminants, Diploma Programme students are fully integrated into clinical practice. Each student will be able to benefit from active participation which also entails being responsible for attending patients and the resulting medical duties.
For further information, please contact our secretary Sabine Melzer by e-mail or call: +43 125077-5201.
Foreign students are kindly requested to first contact
Dr. Ursula Schober  (International Relations Office 5– a central service unit for study abroad and study grants, phone: +43 1 25077-1107).
Please review the guidelines for interns and volunteers (see student download area).