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FRIDAY, 29.07.2016, 15:00-16:00 - Poster Session WAHVM

15:00-16:00, Poster Session WAHVM - History of Animal Anatomy, History of Early Veterinary Schools, Free topics - Foyer in front of the Banquet hall

P 150 - Berfin Melikoglu Golcu
A study on veterinary anatomy books published in Ottoman Turkish

P 151 - Francisco Gil Cano*, Rafael Latorre Reviriego, Gregorio Ramírez Zarzosa, Octavio López Albors, María Dolores Ayala Florenciano and José María Vázquez Autón
Carlo Ruini’s book in the Spanish Albeyteria’s books (XVIIth - XVIIIth)

P 152 - Juan López Rodríguez*, Pilar Martínez Sainz, Fernando Camarero Rioja and Joaquín Sánchez de Lollano Prieto
Anatomy teaching of the early years at the Veterinary Medicine Royal School of Madrid (1793 - 1840)

P 153 - Naudy Trujillo Mascia*
Veterinary anatomical areas and museums at the Decanato de Ciencias Veterinarias (UCLA), Venezuela

P 154 - Özgül Küçükaslan* and Nigar Yerlikaya
Hans Richter’s anatomy course guide manual: An investigation through the perspective of the awakening movement of the Turkish language

P 155 - A. S. Saber and  W. R. Hein
Australian feral camels: Past, present and future

P 156 - Aleksander Chrószcz*, Maciej Janeczek, Aleksandra Skalec, Karol Kirstein and Dominik Poradowski
Beef and pork in medieval Wroclaw and Opole

P 157 - Francisco Gil Cano*, Cristina Ruiz García-Vaso, Mariano Orenes Hernández, Gregorio Ramírez Zarzosa and José María Vázquez Autón
Did humans from Chalcolithic period look after their dogs?

P 158 - Gloria Fernández-Lázaro, Enrique Alonso-García, Juan López-Rodríguez*, Pilar Martínez-Sainz, Rosario Martín-Orti, Pilar Marín-García, Salvador Ariza-Pastrana, Ana García-Moreno, Borja Reh Aguirre de Cárcer and Juncal González-Soriano
History of Animal Welfare Education in Veterinary Schools

P 159 - Hermann Gsandtner
Study on the acceptance of horsemeat as food in the course of history based on Thomas S. Kuhn’s paradigm theory with a focus on the Vienna area

P 160 - Juan López Rodríguez*, Carlos Ballesteros Vicente, Ángeles Cantero Bonilla and Joaquín Sánchez de Lollano Prieto
Fleeing from the French: Luis del Corral case and the death of Soberbio horse

P 161 - Maciej Janeczek*, Aleksander Chrószcz, Radomir Henklewski, Karol Kirstein, Dominik Poradowski and Aleksandra Skalec
High ringbone with proximal interphalangeal joint ankylosis in an early medieval horse coming from Wrocław Stronghold

P 162 - Tamara Sulzer
The development of public veterinary services  in Lower Austria from 1861 until 1889

P 163 - Berfin Melikoglu Golcu
Civil Veterinary School according to the yearbooks of the Ottoman State

P 164 - Hannelore F. M. De Porte*, Peter A. Koolmees and Peter E. J. Bols
Cavalry officers in Napoleon’s ‘grande armee’: Self-educated hippiatrists or ignorant commanders?

P 165 - J. Schöchl, A. Zohmann* and U. Höllhuber
Jakob Lechner, the Bachschmied son (1838 - 1922): A k.a.k. veterinarian and Councillor as an exhibition magnet

P 166 - Johann Schäffer
Founding history of the Veterinary School Hannover 1778