Key Pathways in Infection and Cancer within the Master's Programme in Comparative Biomedicine (Weblink to Master's Programme in Comparative Biomedicine)

The Lecture topics include:

  1. Understanding the Biology for Cancer Development and Progression
  2. Tumor Suppressor and Oncogenes
  3. The 12 Core Cancer Pathways
  4. Hallmarks in Cancer
  5. Molecular Pathology to Analyze Cancers
  6. Inflammation and Cancer
  7. Hereditable Cancers
  8. Childhood Cancers
  9. Cancer Immunology for Non Immunologists
  10. The Microbiome and Cancer
  11. Unique Mutational Patterns in Cancer Genomes (Cancer Genome Landscaping)
  12. Chromatin and Epigenetics in Cancer
  13. Translational Genomics
  14. Personalized Precision Medicine
  15. Functional Cancer Genomics (shRNA screens, CRISP technology screens, synthetic lethality)
  16. Clonal Diversity and Genetic Drift
  17. The Tumor Stroma
  18. Cancer Stem Cell Phenotype and Function
  19. Wildtype and Mutant p53
  20. miRNA´s and non coding RNA´s
  21. Metastasis Regulating Genes
  22. Cancer Metabolism
  23. Developmental Pathways in Cancer
  24. Preclinical Models
  25. Human to Mouse
  26. Modeling Cancer and Developing Therapeutics Using Model Organisms
  27. Unraveling Therapeutic Resistance in Mouse Models
  28. Novel Targets and Therapeutics
  29. Clinical Cancer Trials
  30. Targeting Core Cancer Pathways
  31. Targeting Metabolism for Cancer Therapy
  32. Immune Targeted Therapies
  33. Drug Resistance Mechanisms
  34. Targeting the Kinome
  35. Cancer Biomarkers
  36. Chemotherapy
  37. DNA Damage and DNA Repair
  38. Good Scientific Practice