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Vetmeduni employees can publish open access articles free of charge in Elsevier subcription magazines (for submissions from 1.1.2020; for the FWF from 1.1.2021) and Elsevier Gold Open Access journals (for submissions from 1.1.2021).

A list of eligible journals for the Elseview Open Access Agreement can be found here.

Under which conditions can you publish free of charge?

  • Corresponding Author is affiliated with Vetmeduni.
  • The email address of Vetmeduni is used for submission.
  • The article was accepted for publication by the respective journal.
  • The article to be published must correspond to one of the following article types: Case Report, Data, Full-length article, Microarticle, Original software publication, Practice Guidelines, Protocol, Review article, Replication Studies, Short communication, Short survey or Video Article.

Please note:

  • The agreement signed with Elsevier does not include the assumption of fees such as Page Charges, Color Charges or similar.
  • The publisher grants a discount of 15% on publications in Elsevier Gold Open Access journals submitted before 1.1.2021.

Further information