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Scientists of Vetmeduni can publish in over 70 Frontiers journals with a 10% discount on the Article Processing Charge (APC) for all articles submitted and accepted since mid-March 2018.

Under what conditions can publication be cheaper?

  • Corresponding Author is affiliated with the Vetmeduni.
  • The email address of Vetmeduni is used for submission.
  • During the submission process, Vetmeduni is indicated as the paying institution. (For publications in the context of FWF projects, please select the FWF.)
  • The submitted and accepted contribution corresponds to Article Type A (including Clinical Study Protocol, Methods, Original Research, Policy and Practice Reviews, Protocols, Review, Systematic Review, Technology Report).

The APC settles the university library directly with the authors. The author as well as the secretariat of the respective facility, receive a cost overview with the request for payment approval and denotation of a cost unit. The university library forwards this information to the finance department, which then charges the respective cost units.

Further information