We are looking for Master students

We are looking for a PhD student to hire as soon as possible!

Job announcement 1

The position is announced until its occupation.


Diploma and Master theses in the WG Membrane Biophysics

Students are always welcome to work in our group as an intern on a short-term project, or on a thesis for a degree (bachelor, master, or diploma).

We research continuously within the following areas:

  • Electrophysiological characterization of membrane proteins
  • Surveys of how mitochondrial uncoupling proteins are distributed in various tissues and organs, by means of Western Blot and PCR
  • Production of recombinant mitochondrial proteins in E. coli
  • Inhibition of UCP4 activity in E.coli by purin nucleotides
  • Proof that recombinantly produced mitochondrial proteins are expressed in E. coli  

Please send your applications with a letter of motivation and a CV to Univ.-Prof. Dr.med. Elena E. Pohl.

You can also make an appointment for a short informational meeting with Frau Prof. Pohl.

elena.pohl(at)vetmeduni.ac.at ext. – 4570


Diploma and master theses in the WG Environmental Health (Prof. Schauberger)

  • Emission register of odour from agricultural animal farming
  • The influence of heat stress on the health condition and performance of poultry
  • The influence of heat stress on the health condition and performance of cattle
  • Biological effects of ultraviolet radiation
  • Disinfection of drinking, service, and sewage water in animal farming

Applications and appointments: gunther.schauberger(at)vetmeduni.ac.at ext. -4574

A detailed description of the research areas and the list of publications is available here 2.