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Seminar series Computational Medicine

15:00, Seminar room Inst. of Animal Breeding and Genetics (building NA, 2nd floor)


24.01.19 Kirill Veselkov - Imperial College London (UK)

The coming age of machine intelligence: translating '-omics' data into actionable insights.


21.02.19 Benjamin Haibe-Kains - Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Univ. of Toronto (CA)

Biomarker Discovery in Cancer: Building a bridge between preclinical and clinical research.


14.03.19 Michael Lässig - Univ. of Cologne (DE)

Predicting and controlling pathogen evolution.


25.04.19 Florian Markowetz - CRUK Cambridge Institute (UK)

Mutational processes shaping cancer genomes.


09.05.19 Patrick Aloy - IRB Barcelona (ES)

Extending the small molecule similarity principle to all levels of biology.


23.05.19 Olivier Tenaillon - IAME, Inserm, Faculté de Médecine Paris Diderot (FR)

title to be announced


27.06.19 Rachel Karchin - Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (US)

CHASMplus reveals the scope of somatic missense mutations driving human cancers