Franziska Roth-Walter has studied chemistry, with an emphasis in biochemistry, at the University of Vienna.  During her diploma thesis and her PhD thesis her research was dedicated in the development of oral formulations. From 2004 through 2007 she pursued her immunological interest in the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Lloyd Mayer at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York.  After a baby break, she continued her research in the field of allergy and joined in October 2011 as a Senior Scientist the Comparative Medicine team of the Messerli Research Institute.  In June 2014 she habilitated in Immunology and since then is leading the Applied Immunology group of the Comparative Medicine unit.

Franziska Roth-Walter’s research is focused on understanding the mechanisms of mucosal immonoregulation and allergy. Themes within this work include (1) understanding mechanisms responsible for development of sensitization and tolerance to antigens and (2) develop methods and/or formulations that will modify the immune response for therapeutic purposes.

Franziska Roth-Walter has received several scientific awards and fellowships, and is author of numerous articles and papers.

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