Shereen Chang, PhD

Shereen Chang did MA and PhD degrees in philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, and a BA in philosophy at the University of Toronto, Canada. She is a post-doctoral researcher at the Messerli Research Institute, working on a cognition study with Goffin's cockatoos, as part of Dr. Susana Monsó's project “Animals and the Concept of Death”. Dr. Chang's research lies at the intersection of philosophy of science, biology and animal cognition. She is interested in what we can learn from nonhuman animal minds about concepts and cognition more generally, especially from animals who are not closely related to humans. She is also an avid birder.

Research Interests

- animal cognition and behaviour (especially acquisition of communication and concepts)
- animal ethics

Current research projects

Animals and the Concept of Death (Lise Meitner Project M2518-G32; PI: Susana Monsó) 1


Shereen Chang, PhD

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