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We are proud to present our alumnis. We are happy that iMHAi graduates successfully gain ground in professions which demand exactly the level of interdisciplinarity that we teach.*


Sabrina Ausserwöger, MSc

After finishing my Bachelor`s degree 2014 in the field of biology (zoology) at the university of Salzburg, I did two internships. I worked first for three months in a zoo before I decided to support a monkey sanctuary in South Africa for two months. Back in Austria, I moved to Vienna, where I enrolled in the IMHAI program at the Messerli Research Institute in 2015. I did my master thesis on the temporal stability of intraspecific relationships in pet dogs and finished the program in 2018. In 2016, an internship at the animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS offered me the possibility to continue working for this organization in various departments during my studies. Shortly before my graduation, I switched to the wild animal department of four paws, within which I am now responsible for the husbandry standards of their big cat and bear sanctuaries.

Dr. Katrin Spiesberger, MSc

After completing my diploma in genetics and microbiology at the University of Vienna, I received my doctorate in veterinary sciences at vetmeduni Vienna in 2016. As part of my dissertation, I researched bispecific antibodies against human cancers produced in transgenic cattle. Since 2009 I have also been a proud part-time farmer (sheep, beef). My passion for animal welfare and my interest in the human-animal relationship drew my attention to the IMHAI Master`s degree, which I completed during my PhD in 2018, with the master's thesis on the influence of positive emotions on IgA in the saliva of calves. For the last two years, I have been working in East Saxony as a project developer of an agricultural, educational property. There, I could not only use my knowledge and experience concerning animal husbandry, bioethics and sustainable agriculture practically, but also pass it on to groups of all ages in form of lectures, seminars and training courses. Since October 2018, I have been back in Vienna, looking for new challenges.


Katrina Rosenberger, MSc

My name is Katrina Rosenberger and I have studied Biology at the University of Vienna (2010-2013) and Human-Animal Interactions at the Messerli Research Institute Vienna (2013-2016). After research assistance at the UBC Dairy Research and Education Center in Canada and working as a veterinary assistant in Austria I started my PhD studies at the University of Bern in 2017. I am now working as a doctoral student at the Center for proper housing of small ruminants and pigs on Agroscope`s Tänikon site in Switzerland as well as at the FBN Dummerstorf in Germany. My research is mainly focused on the effects of long-term cognitive training on behaviour, stress reactivity and welfare of goats.


*All alumins shown here have agreed to published text and fotographs. If you are interested, contact